Kalawna Biggs

Hello and Welcome. A psychic experience that touches your soul is what I offer through my skills as a psychic clairvoyant and a healer. I was born with a gift that runs through my maternal lineage. I come from a family of psychics. Through circumstances in my life I was able to hone my spiritual abilities into an unusual career as a Psychic Clairvoyant. I am also a Master Hypnotherapist, which complements my healing practice to help those in need. My background is in spiritual development, health sciences and hypnotherapy. My abilities have been tested, confirmed and approved by the British Astrological Psychic Society.

My Goals

I have made it my goal to provide a business with the integrity that I have learned and adopted from my ancestry, my teachers and my family. I use my profound connections and skills to help others to find their way, to find peace, to alleviate pain, trauma and stress.

My Passion

Many studies have been done in efforts to both prove, and disprove, the existence of psychic phenomena. Quantum physics can’t explain it. The current view of macrocosmic physics is outside of this awareness, though Newton’s microcosmic quantum physics could lead to more tangible findings. I’m not an expert so I leave such discoveries to the researchers but even I am perplexed at the ‘hows’ around psychic phenomena. As for the ‘why’ I do have my own set of theories. The studies go on. Meanwhile we live with our consciousness, usually explained by science as brain activity produced by our cognitive awareness. I am intrigued by the theorists who wonder if, for some of us, our brain’s cognitive activities may lead to developing consciousness skills that receive other forms of consciousness not yet known and therefore beyond the capabilities of most humans. The ‘radio model’ explains this in more detail. Most people who have experienced occurrences of psychic phenomena are firm believers in this form of awareness and communication. I come from a family of people who have communicated through other forms of consciousness for many generations. How it manifests itself has been a very different experience for all of us. For me it began when I was very young. A voice was heard, images could be seen. And then they appeared. My teachers.

I had experienced psychic phenomena around me from a very young age but my teachers didn’t manifest themselves until I was about 10 years old. Twelve light beings introduced themselves to me over time. The first thing they taught me was how to astral travel. They would take me out traveling at night to teach me skills and discuss philosophy. I was never threatened, they just wanted to communicate. I soon learned to communicate with them. They taught me how to practice mindfulness.

While teaching Palmistry at the Spring Festival of Awareness in Naromata BC, I had a profound experience when I met a mother and her son. I felt connected to him and further investigation proved that we were babies in the same hospital at birth. We recognized each other ‘in spirit.’ This event had a profound effect on me. Meeting this man gave me a gift. A sudden, sort of, information download happened that offered me insights to previous lives and, in addition, to my purpose here. I discovered some truths about myself in the process. I am honoured. There is life after death and we return to this lovely planet often. Reincarnation is a real thing and I feel blessed to know the truth about it.

Travelling by train from Manchester to London, England after a huge psychic fair, I was trying to catch up on work while I had the time.  I felt the energy of a man, who I realized was the deceased husband of an elderly woman who was sitting next to me. He was desperately needing contact with his wife. At first I was ignoring what I was ‘hearing’ but I soon realized that the messages were definitely meant for the woman sitting near me. I approached the woman and gave her the message from her husband.  The experience turned out to be a funny one with far more details that I will share with you someday. It is one of many experiences that, for me, confirms that spirits are real and sometimes they would like to communicate with us. I allow them to do so now, through my readings.

I have settled here in Roberts Creek, BC. Living on the Sunshine Coast provides the natural environment that suits my spirit and allows me to give the most to my clients and visitors. This year I launched my shop in Roberts Creek. It’s an alternative healing centre where I conduct my readings and massage therapy treatments. I have met so many beautiful people both in my shop and through my community involvement. I am grateful for this, as they are often my inspiration. My passion is nurtured through the enjoyment of my three grandchildren, my wonderful husband and my joyful family and friends.