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Welcome to Infinity Meditations

As a master clinical hypnotherapist I am committed to creating Guided Meditations that can engage your mind to help you live your life more in the present, which is where all of the interesting things happen. My meditations are meant to enhance your own therapy or counseling. I do recommend that you inform your counselor. Infinity Meditations may also be used independently to start you off on your path to reclaim your own personal power, your own sense of value and, if necessary, rejuvenate your sense of self esteem.

As you choose the meditation you wish to work with, please remember that there is a commitment to follow through. The more you believe, the more benefits you will receive. This is not a magical thing, changing your mind is a conscious act, this is just common sense. However, it takes practice to make it stay with you. Like anything that is worthwhile, it takes time and commitment to see your purpose through.

It is best to use my Guided Meditations with headphones. Relax in a comfortable and warm location where you will not be disturbed during your meditation. Please do not listen to the meditations while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Why? Because these meditations are designed to drop you into a Theta state which allows for your subconscious to upload all your new emotional and mental software, while archiving the old, unhealthy learned behaviours. It takes significant effort within your consciousness. Though you may not feel it, your mind is very busy, and will often make you drowsy while in session with the meditations.

I recommend a relaxing space. Turn on your meditation, sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. Thank you for including me in your experience by connecting with Infinity Meditations.

Many blessings,

Kalawna Biggs MHt MCht

Infinity Meditations