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BrainTap uses its exceptional technologies to advance Kalawna’s Guided Meditations in a most profound way.

Thousands of people worldwide have benefited from Kalawna’s guided meditations. As a master hypnotherapist, Kalawna understands the neuroplasticity of our brains and the importance of shifting thought patterns to achieve our goals. Studies in neuroscience is leading us into uncharted territory over what our brains are capable of, especially if we take care of our brains through diet, exercise and, yes, thought.

BrainTap uses unique frequencies of light and sound for brain wave engagement. A select few of Kalawna’s Guided Meditations have been chosen as the audio component. These particular sessions are meant to give assistance to first responders who must learn to manage stress or PTSD  from certain facets of their work. You can learn to manage success in your life or find ways to improve your relationships. BrainTap’s ‘thinking’ technology brings Kalawna closer to give you even more of a nurturing, healing and soothing experience in the easiest and most gentle way possible in the comfort of your own space.

BrainTap’s signature Bluetooth headset leads you easily towards healing and inner perfection.

Kalawna has been working with integrative healing for over 30 years. She has developed impressive techniques that work well with her clients and for thousands worldwide. Through her guided meditations or one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, Kalawna reaches places within your soul and nurtures divine love back into your clouded perspectives. Kalawna is thrilled to partner with BrainTap as she looks ahead and sees the advantage and potential that such new technology brings to the health and wellness conversation.

“Our journey along our path is to develop ourselves to the best of our abilities and to rise above that which keeps us from greatness. Life can be challenging for many therefore why not have a helping system that improves and enhances your outcomes in the easiest way possible. Sounds great? Well it is. BrainTap and Infinity Meditations bridged together will redirect your five senses. You’ll be empowered. By committing to a journey like this one you will be taking control of your life experiences in and easy and gentle way.”

Mental Health is a priority

It is most important to continuously monitor your state of mental health.
Be sure to do consistent self assessment checks by:

  • Being honest with yourself in how you are managing stress.
  • Pay attention to your own self care.
  • Check yourself:
    If you find your daily tasks overwhelming, if the trauma you are witnessing is overtaking your emotions, please make an effort to get the professional help you need. Call your doctor.

Infinity Meditations™ and BrainTap™ have come together to provide you with guided meditations (below) to assist you with maintaining your mental health and achieving your goals.

Thousands of people have benefited from meditations created by master hypnotherapist, Kalawna Biggs, creator of Infinity™. For more information on Kalawna’s meditations, click here.

To First-responders, Front-line workers and Self-isolators:
A most sincere thank you, for all that you do.

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Infinity Meditations

As you listen to the samples below, imagine watching an incredible display with your meditation through the BrainTap headset while it enhances the ability for your brain to create new neural pathways. For more information click here.

If you would just like to purchase Kalawna’s Infinity Meditations without BrainTap™ click here

First Responders

For emergency and healthcare workers who confront stressful and traumatic experiences on the job. Find a sense of peace.

Timing for Success

Build enthusiasm. Create an energetic awareness in your heart and mind. Move towards joyous success in your life. The right time is now.

PTSD A Journey

Manage your PTSD to function better. This meditation allows you to consider different perspectives on moving forward. Free yourself from fear.

Trauma Cleanse

Manage the aspects of trauma in your life to feel and function better. Remember…the power of your beliefs are paramount in your ability to heal yourself.


Relationships guided meditation was created to assist you with love and the relationships in your life. Allow yourself to consider different perspectives on friendships and family.