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Some people feel they are not hypnotizable and with this attitude they are correct. You have to agree with the hypnotherapist you trust to let your walls down so they can do their work. We do have power over our brains for the most part.

Watching TV is probably worse for you as when you turn on the tv one is usually wanting to shut their brain off and tune out. This gives the tv advertisers full access to your subconscious as you allowed it by shutting off your critical analyzer. The part of the brain that controls what you absorb.

Hypnosis is far more integral than tv yet we give more power away to the tv than to another live human.

Once you trust the therapist and you have a session it will take up to two weeks for full integration. During this time if it is a guided meditation you should listen to it a minimum of three times for the full affect.

The beauty of hypnosis is that it works like a computer software upgrade. Your brain will work better and you won’t know the difference. It’s best to ask a loved one if they notice a difference. This is how natural the flow of healing works with hypnosis. Far superior than leaving a therapists office bawling your eyes out.

The beauty of Hypnosis is it changes the five senses as well as redirecting the neurons within the brain.

Hallelujah! For Hypnotherapy and guided meditations.


Kalawna Infinity Meditations.

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