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A Psychic Journey with Kalawna

After touching thousands of lives with Kalawna’s Guided Meditations, she tells her story in a series of tales and lessons that inspire and awaken your awareness. 

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Kalawna Biggs

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Meditation Night

Spend an evening meditating with Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kalawna Biggs in a series of Meditation Nights. Each session is $60, but book ahead online and pay only $40 for each session. These one-hour guided meditations will cover areas including Stress Reduction, Success, Health, Confidence and Feeling Fabulous.
Bring a yoga mat, a pillow and a blanket and enjoy an hour of rejuvenating mindfulness.

Best Selling Meditations

With over 6 Million views, guided meditations created by Master Clinical Hynotherapist, Kalawna Biggs have been helping people worldwide.

Deep Sleep Healing the Body & Mind

Energy Attunement

Energy Healing

BrainTap Meditations

BrainTap Meditations is an amazing new way of utilizing your brain’s neuropathways to absorb and work with meditation techniques. Kalawna was invited to submit some of her meditations to be offered in this most innovative way. More info to come…

First Responders
PTSD A Journey
Trauma Cleanse
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